Garcinia Cambogia, HCA and Kidney Stones

Studies have found that painful kidney stones can be dissolved by using a citric extract that is commonly found in the Garcinia Cambogia fruit. By using the extract that is naturally occurring within the fruit, people who have kidney stones have found that they are able to pass the stone naturally through helping it to break up with the use of the HCA compound. This article explores what the compound is and the link between it and breaking up kidney stones.
Garcinia Cambogia (GC) is a fruit that is native to Asia and is widely eaten in South East Asia for both nutritional and health abilities. The fruit grows much like a banana does and is about twice the width of an average banana. Given that it has a high nutritional quality it is not surprising to find that scientists have determined the components contained in the garcinia cambogia fruit can help deflect ailments such as stones from occurring and help them to be eradicated safely when they do.
GC contains a natural citrus extract called hydroxycitrate (HCA), which is the extract that is responsible for the successful kidney stone breakdown. A kidney stone is a small hard mineral deposit that can grow within the kidneys. Kidney stones can afflict people that already have medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or in people who are overweight.
Kidney stones can afflict people that already have medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or in people who are overweight.
The HCA that is naturally occurring in garcinia cambogia fruits is chemically similar to the potassium citrate that has traditionally been prescribed to aid kidney stone breakdown; both are naturally occurring substances. Recent studies have found however, that the potency of HCA is much higher and it also has the ability to be used in a number of potential ways, giving HCA a clear advantage over citrate.
Healthy Kidney and Unhealthy Kidney with Stones
Studies have found that the effect HCA has on kidney stones can not only act to break them up, it can also help to inhibit the onset and growth of kidney stones. This research is the first breakthrough in kidney stone studies for over 30 years. Calcium oxalate crystals are the main component in a kidney stone. Prior to this revelation the only way to treat kidney stones were with antibiotics or potassium citrate, which did not work in all cases, and laser surgery at times where the antibiotics had no effect. Being able to take a naturally occurring compound for people that are prone to developing kidney stones is an incredible benefit; with the added significance of being able to break up kidney stones that exist, HCA will be gaining much recognition as the newest and best method of treating painful kidney stones.
Since kidney stones affect an average 12% of all men and 7% of all women the knowledge of the benefit of HCA will become common place in the coming years. Hyroxycitric AcidThe studies that were undertaken to realize the effectiveness of HCA in kidney stone treatment was the combination of experimental, human and computational studies.
Citrate did not have the ability to make the stone actually break up like HCA can, which gives HCA an advantage over citrate and more scientists and doctors are taking note of this.  Prior to realizing that HCA had the ability to break up a crystal formation scientists had not seen any similar product have that result, so at first they believed it was an anomaly. After testing and retesting HCA scientists clarified that this newly extracted compound has healing qualities relating to kidney stones that are greater than previous medicines.
Another great advantage of taking HCA over citrate is that HCA has not been found to have any tope of side effects, which cannot be said of citrates.  
Introducing HCA into your diet can help to inhibit the growth of kidney stones in the future and can also help to break down any that do appear. By using a naturally occurring compound you are not taking any health related risks. Since the garcinia cambogia fruit is only native to Asia the only way in which people outside of Asia can consistently gain the benefits of HCA would be through use of an organic supplement.
The fact that HCA is naturally occurring makes it a safe alternative to waiting for the kidney stone to form and lodge to where only laser therapy can help and allows for people who are susceptible to stones to be able to avoid them easily and safely.