How to take Garcinia Cambogia?

According to weight loss experts, a dosage of 500 to 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract is a safe dosage that can be recommended to be taken prior to each meal, for individuals who want to take the supplement for weight loss. Some experts are of the opinion that taking Garcinia Cambogia in combination with potassium salt is highly effective than other compositions.

How to take garcinia cambogia

According to an independent study, it was seen that some well-known brands containing less than 50% Garcinia Cambogia extracts were ineffective for weight loss and hence it is important to ensure that the Garcinia Cambogia supplement you are taking contains no additional ingredients that are used as preservatives, binders, fillers or artificial ingredients.

One particular patient testimonial featured on a well-known weight loss program revealed that the individual who had been on a Garcinia Cambogia supplement had lost more than 10 pounds in just four months. Weight loss results were beginning to get obvious within just seven days of taking the supplement and the individual reported that sugar cravings had also reduced with more uptakes in energy and without any visible side-effects.

Although such testimonials are encouraging, it is important to note that Garcinia Cambogia extracts or supplements must be avoided at all costs if one is pregnant, lactating or breastfeeding, suffering from Alzheimer's disease or types of dementia as it can worsen or compromise the health of the individual. In addition, patients with diabetes must also avoid the Garcinia Cambogia supplement as it can result in a hypoglycaemia. If an individual is on statins, the Garcinia Cambogia supplement must also be avoided here, as it can increase the dangers of grievous side-effects such as muscle degradation or rhabdomyolysis.

Patients without any of the above mentioned health conditions and those who are looking to achieve weight loss can take the supplement prior to mealtimes. It is generally recommended that Garcinia Cambogia supplements must be had approximately 30 to 45 min before every major meal and based on research studies, a supplement containing approximately 1400mg of HCA per day, offers the highest potency of the weight loss extract that can be consumed in divided doses over three meals. It is important to ensure that there is at least a four hour gap to the next dosage.

Ensure that you are not on any kinds of prescriptive drugs or medication and if you choose to opt for Garcinia Cambogia supplements, it is important to consult with your medical practitioner in order to ensure that you are well aware of the side effects before you get a clear go ahead.

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